Sociopath or Phone?

OK, what do you think? A sociopath or a sarcastic man who is simply taking the piss?

Or, the best case scenario, a figment of this woman’s imagination. Maybe she talked to an automated phone message system and decided it was her new boyfriend. “Your message is very important to us. Please stay on the line, and a representative will be available shortly.”

13 thoughts on “Sociopath or Phone?

  1. I think that didn’t happen, at least not in the form that it is being presented. It’s also really odd to frame it all in terms of hotness. Hotness is mostly a visual/aesthetic sort of thing. Someone’s words or actions can definitely influence your perception of their hotness, but no one is suddenly hot JUST because of something they said.

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      1. I don’t know. I know a couple of people who are into BDSM and from what I gather, they want hot people to tie up and torture, not just anybody.


  2. It’s quite clear that the man in question is a simp: maybe he gets off on self-humiliating talk and other kinds of self-abasement, with or without benefit of sex. The Ms Emily McCombs posting her self-satisfaction on Twitter is definitely a narcissistic sociopath.


  3. I don’t believe this happened. Or it didn’t happen in the way she described it. It’s just too strange. People don’t speak this way. Not even SJW types. Also, if this new acquaintance truly did something to make this woman uncomfortable, that’s bizarre amd inappropriate. She should cut him off and not make some sexy spectacle out of it.

    I also hate this trend where something normal gets recast into something creepy. It is, of course, important to find a partner who is responsive to your needs and desires. It is, of course, important to communicate needs and desires clearly to one’s partner. But the way this exchange is described is just gross and off putting.


  4. “sociopath or a sarcastic man ”

    My best guess (avoiding other things people have said): She’s trying to advertise how hot she is by implying that normal everyday interactions she has are sizzling with erotic energy…. sizzling, you hear?
    What might have happened: Some guy did something, she complained to him about it and he said “sorry about that” and she’s rewritten into some kind of shades of gray thing….


    1. Why would anybody find a hen-pecked, terrified, passive man attractive? We had a whole generation of them in the USSR, and it was no picnic. Does she think he makes a good living with this personality? Unless he gets paid to work as a doormat, it’s unlikely he can earn.


      1. “Why would anybody find a hen-pecked, terrified, passive man attractive? ”

        I want to say the 1974 Martin Scorsese movie “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” is one of the earliest examples (maybe first mainstream big hit example) of this in American popular culture.
        IIRC one critic wasn’t sure that the pliable and agreeable (not to mention wealthy and handsome) leading man saw in the heroine or what precisely he was getting from the relationship that he couldn’t get elsewhere….


  5. There’s always been a subculture of weak, snivelling, men who don’t care to work for a living, who attach themselves to whatever subculture of the moment is overwhelmingly female (antiwar protests, veganism, nonbinary, etc.) and adopt the style and buzzwords in exchange for free housing and getting laid. Greasy-haired gigolos, basically. Cushy job in the immediate term, I guess, but I hear the retirement plan stinks.


  6. Don’t care whether something I do or say makes a woman like that uncomfortable …

    … because my take is that if that gets her out of my breathing space that much faster, I’ll triple down on it.

    “… some shit he did made me uncomfortable …”

    Me: Don’t care, you’re not hot.

    Let’s just get to the core issue and have it out in the open.

    Does this make me a sociopath?

    Maybe I’m OK with that if it makes abuse grifters want to run away.


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