Nationalism or Globalism?

Now you tell me if this is nationalism or globalism.

The official name of this approach is “the Russian world.” It posits that Russia is wherever anybody speaks Russian. Since it’s very easy to deliver a Russian-speaker to any place in the world, this means the whole world is Russia.

The main difference between nationalism and globalism is that nationalism believes that culture is rooted in the land, place, and physical location while globalism doesn’t. For globalism, it’s all in the people and products, and those are easy to transport.

With all of its talk of diversity, globalism is strangely monotone and boring. The guy in the video imagines hearing an identical song and drinking an identical beverage in every corner of the planet.

Of course, in its extreme forms, nationalism also had the dream of world domination. But it never went from “I will dominate you” to “I will be you.” Globalism doesn’t recognize boundaries, and you can see it in everything. Take, for instance, the concept of “unconscious bias.” This is a manifestation of the “I will be you” ideology. I know better than you do what’s in your unconscious because I am everything.

No boundary between the reality and the imagination is another manifestation of the same approach.


3 thoughts on “Nationalism or Globalism?

  1. Deranged. Is this what they mean by Russkiy Mir? I had no idea. I learnt Russian (University of Westminster, 1988-1991) while the Soviet Union was still in existence: things were crazy even then, but here we are on a wholly different level.

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    1. Exactly. This is Russkiy Mir. Why they want to control Texas and Australia if things at home are such a mess is never explained.

      But it’s always people whose lives are a mess that want to control others.


  2. Few things worse than someone putting thoughts in your head and intentions in your heart.
    It’s like “You’re not telepathic. You don’t know where all I have been in my life, what all I’ve been through. You can’t tell me the name of my piano teacher when I took lessons as a kid, you could never name any of the teachers I had when growing up, or the names of any of my classmates. Or what books I’ve read either in then past or present. What my musical tastes are.”


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