I sent my Russian teacher story in a text message to my husband. His response was “?”

I have no idea ? what.

? how are you bearing up?

? why is she so clueless?

? does she have a husband?

Once he was taking Klara to the emergency room, and I was texting him furiously. “How is she? Are you there yet? What are the doctors saying? Is she in pain?”

His response was “fine.” What exactly was fine in the experience was never clarified.


7 thoughts on “Taciturn

    1. I know, I only told him the stories about her 5,000 times or so. But since the teacher’s name is the same as mine, he probably thought I’m now into talking about myself in the third person.


    1. A little piece of gravel got into her ear on the playground. But it fell out on the way to the emergency room, so they went to the park instead. None of which I knew until they came back home.


  1. “What exactly was fine in the experience”

    Guy talk. I would interpret “fine” in this case to mean “Everything is under control. No need to worry”. Of course it will be frustrating for the hyper-verbal….

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