Gaslighting Tactics

And if Democrats at least recognized what they did, if they said, “yeah, that ‘defund the police’ thing was a mistake” and “yes, shouldn’t have closed down the schools and forced toddlers into masks. We were scared, we made a mistake, sorry”, I would look at them kindly.

Even if they continued defending the defund the police, the 2020 riots, the school closures, the masked 2-year-olds – gosh, even that would be better than what they are actually doing which is this high-handed, supercilious gaslighting of the people whose brains don’t get wiped clean every night.

Every time I hear the now standard Democrat roll call of “what riots of 2020? You watch too much Fox News! We never supported defunding the police, and it was Republicans who closed down schools because they are ray-ceest,” I lose it. This is gaslighting, pure and simple.

Another pet peeve is the drama around election denialism. After denying the inconvenient election results in 2000 (and having large parts of the base deny them in 2004), after the nutso denialism of the clearly mentally impaired Stacey Abrams, after the denialism of 2016 that led to an utterly debunked “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory, you’ve got to have some really massive agallas even to bring up the topic of election denialism.


3 thoughts on “Gaslighting Tactics

  1. Aye. Watching them say, with completely straight faces: “Nope, that never happened, You’re making it up” has been… I can’t even get mad about it. It’s like talking to addicts who are trying to get you to give them more money.

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    1. I have a lot of childhood trauma around this form of gaslighting and it gets to me every time. It’s sociopathic to do this to people.

      “We never wanted to defund the police!” OK, then how did I learn this expression? Did it spontaneously appear in the English language and in no other?


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