Miraculous Vaccines

Meanwhile, in the alternative universe:

I also heard that COVID vaccines make you walk on water immediately after you turn it into wine. They part not only the traffic but the Red Sea but only if you pray to them really hard.


6 thoughts on “Miraculous Vaccines

  1. That headline’s barely out, and have already seen several critiques pointing out how the numbers were cooked. You know who gets their shots and doesn’t drive much? Retirees. You know who doesn’t get shots but drives a lot? Younger people. Guess who gets in more wrecks, so famously that Geico used to publish a safe-driving-tips magazine called “Under 25”?

    Yeah. But of course the “study” doesn’t mention it.

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    1. If you don’t control for variables, you can find correlation between the weirdest things. I’ve already started teaching my 6-year-old that correlation isn’t causation. But apparently this doesn’t occur to some science lovers.

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    2. In addition, a lot of the vaccinating, covid-worshipping crowd still works from home, while the non-vaccinating blue colar workers with hands on jobs tend to be more on the road.

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