Feels like -36°C

I have waited for this for so long:

I will think about this moment in the endless bleeding summers, knowing that bliss is possible.


11 thoughts on “Feels like -36°C

  1. How well I understand you, Clarissa! Here, in the Northern Italian plain, temperatures are around 0°-2°C, but that’s still not cold enough, and no prospects for snow, either!


  2. And here in New England it’s 58 degrees! Will drop to 14 by tonight though. Extremely weird weather. I wouldn’t mind if it were just cold but rain+freezing temperatures stops me from making a trip to gather supplies for our fish feast tomorrow. Gonna have to beat the crowds tomorrow! Merry Christmas 🎄 I’m happy you got the weather you’ve been waiting for!

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  3. “Feels like -36°C”

    Whatever floats your boat…. Mine was floated by leaving -5 Poland and heading to +16 c and sunny Malta… forget that “White Christmas” perversion, sunny and just a bit cool is true Christmas weather for me.
    Lady in one store today was complaining that it was too cold… which reminds me of everyone dressing as for the arctic any time it got below 10 or so degrees… ah, holiday memories.

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      1. As miserable as I find the weather right now, my kids plus their cousin are all outside biking up and down the street. Without gloves. It’s 32 degrees. They’ll come in when their fingers hurt too much to keep going.


  4. Hah! You cold-weather losers eat your hearts out! 🙂

    It’s midnight here in Arizona, and still 52 degrees warm. If the moon were full, I could lie outside on my patio and get a tan.


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