More Masculinity

It’s really funny that many people who made a brand for themselves out of defending masculinity have chosen to support not the strong, courageous Zelensky but the weak, scared Putin who was cucked by his wife and who, while Zelensky went to the frontlines, visited Lukashenko and gave him a bouquet of flowers. An old man whose wife left him for a younger fellow sticking a wilted bouquet into the hands of another old, lonely man – you’ve really messed it up if your brand is tied to that sad image.

2 thoughts on “More Masculinity

  1. If there is one thing that I really truly hate, it’s the women on YouTube who drone on and on about the “poor, poor men, we need to help them get back their rights” and the men in the comment section who go “thank you guirl, yes we are so poor, poor”. Men have become such pussies that they have girls fight their battles. How do they want to command respect if they don’t respect themselves? Zelenski is the paragon of masculinity in this world. Men should look up to him.

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