Good Enough to Cancel New Year’s

I never read Barbara Kingsolver before. Her most famous novel about an oppressive Protestant preacher in the Congo sounds soporific. But I’m reading her recent novel Demon Copperhead, and it’s good enough to cancel New Year’s. Really good. Crisis literature type of book.

Was I wrong to be prejudiced against her before?


9 thoughts on “Good Enough to Cancel New Year’s

  1. Only ever read her nonfiction– about a one-year project of raising/buying local food, as much as possible, back when that was what all the virtue-signalling yuppie white liberals were doing (vastly preferable to the recent masking fad). Came away with the impression that she was a competent writer– the text flowed nicely– but that the core idea was totally unsuitable for anybody who didn’t have the money to run a hobby farm at a substantial monetary loss. You do you, Barbara. As long as you don’t start prescribing for the rest of us.


    1. That’s what I mean by literature that talks about things that matter. I’m very happy you love it!

      I saw that quite a few people were saying it’s too political. I’m 60% in, and still there’s nothing political. Maybe it starts later but for now I have to idea what they meant.


            1. I’ve started reading Poisonwood Bible. Only on page 17 out of 777 now, but somehow I doubt it’ll be a put-yourself-to-sleep book.

              “I married a man who could never love me, probably. It would have trespassed on his devotion to all mankind. I remained his wife because it was one thing I was able to do each day. My daughters would say: You see, Mother, you had no life of your own.

              They had no idea. One has only a life of one’s own.”


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