Priestly Gift

Klara had gotten a Christmas gift at her school’s gift shop for our priest and then forgot what it was. All she knew was that it’s something that priests really needed.

Finally, she received a thank you note from the priest and I found out what the gift was. It turns out she’d gotten him a set of screwdrivers and flashlights.

“Why did you say it’s something that a priest really needs?” I asked.

“These screwdrivers had crosses engraved on them,” she explained. “Imagine if a priest had to use regular screwdrivers and flashlights, without crosses!”

6 thoughts on “Priestly Gift

  1. What a cute story. She’s so observant. Ilmy thoughts also instantly went to Philips screwdriver.

    A hammer with a cross engraving, however, might not be something a priest wants.


  2. Ah, yes, after you’ve stripped out the screw head with the #2 Phillips Cross, you can have a go at it with the #1 Phillips Cross or perhaps some of the flat-bladed screwdrivers.

    Meanwhile, you’ll be uttering unholy curses, so you will need some more of those crosses.

    BTW, in the event that you or N ever need to muck about with a lot of stripped out screws for repairs, the finest screwdriver sets available are made for armourers. Brownell’s has a large set that fits nearly every type of flat-bladed screw, and Wheeler Engineering has another large set that fits several additional types more.

    I have both here not only because our local armourer is a considerable distance away, but also because he’s rather much a fucking idiot. (He tried to use Birchwood Casey touch-up selenium bluing solution on aluminium! The fool!)

    We also have several boxes of hard-to-find screws just to repair the kinds of idiocy we encounter when we buy other people’s guns. (Pachmayr prices these as if they’re made of silver.)

    The lucky part for you was that Klara hasn’t decided she needs a set of her own screwdrivers. 🙂


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