Rainbows and Unicorns

Summertime arrived, we are in short sleeves outside, and I had to veto Klara’s idea for a rainbow-themed birthday party. I don’t want other parents to think it’s something inappropriate.

9 thoughts on “Rainbows and Unicorns

    1. Yes! I like this compromise.
      Parents have to say “no” often enough that it’s best not to say no for stupid reasons, and, “The adults will think it’s gay” is a stupid reason.


      1. Why is it so hard to engage with what was actually said and not invent things? I never said “the adults will think it’s gay”, did I? You said that.

        Also, who are these parents who often say no and what do they have to do with me?


          1. People know I’m a college professor. I wouldn’t blame them for fearing I’d do some politicized lefty crap. I know a colleague, for example, who organized a birthday party for a second-grader and had all kids choose pronoun badges. I don’t want anybody to fear I’m that kind of crazy.


  1. “Summertime arrived”

    When I left for Malta it was about -5 c and the whole time there it was mostly sunny and between 15-18 in the day (in other words christmas heaven).
    When I came back (arriving around midnight) it was +5 or so and today was around 15 (though wind and lack of sun made it seem a bit colder). It’s set to get a bit colder now but it’s nice to ease back into it….

    Rainbows were in the news in Poland since the big public tv new year’s ever concert had trouble finding a western headliner… Mel C (of the Spice Girls) backed out because of the government’s very dumb anti-gay rhetoric and was replaced ultimately by the Black Eyed Peas who wore rainbow armbands which bothered a lot of old fossils (biggest audience of the public tv big new year’s eve concert).


  2. How about a glitter themed party!

    [suddenly remembers Gary Glitter]

    It’s like we can’t have any real fun anymore, isn’t it?


  3. Weirdly, I dreamt last night that I looked out my window and saw the most intensely beautiful rainbow of my life- so bright, so clear, and with two fainter rainbows above it. Seemed like a good sign 🙂

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