Intellectual Experiment

The article that was accepted for publication was an intellectual challenge type of project. I went into a time period that’s not mine (and is far removed from neoliberalism), choose an unknown writer completely at random, and set out to analyze that writer from a perspective I never tried before.

OK, yes, I did slip in a tiny bit of neoliberalism because I want to be able to enjoy life in any situation but everything else was completely from scratch. I proved to myself that I can do something completely nuts and it still works.

I’m now going to do another project that’s outside of my regular interests. In this one, there will be zero neoliberalism, zero nation-state, and zero from the other counterintuitive article.


One thought on “Intellectual Experiment

  1. Of course, if you’d like to rustle some academic jimmies, you could start with the premise that “we need to get bigger guns” and work backward from there …

    [slight grin at all of the people who get the Rutger Hauer movie reference]

    Be vewwy, vewwy quiet, we’re hunting Pure Evil. 🙂


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