Thanks for Noticing

It’s not the war that’s causing this. Russia has been a neoliberal post-nation open-border state for years now. And that’s what caused the war. But thanks for noticing.


3 thoughts on “Thanks for Noticing

  1. If Russia has become an open borders state, the surviving Russian nationalists sure aren’t noticing this:

    In all seriousness, a true open borders Russia would likely see hundreds of millions of Sub-Saharan Africans and other Third Worlders move there simply because the West wouldn’t accept them in such numbers, especially within such a short timeframe.


    1. As I said before, Karlin is an FSB project. He’ll notice what the FSB wants him to.

      Can we please stop discussing that fake here?

      Subsaharans won’t go to Russia because it’s cold, there’s no welfare state, and people are very racist. The Chinese, on the other hand, have been moving in in droves, effectively annexing large stretches of land on what used to be the southern border.


      1. Karlin, by the way, is utterly unknown and irrelevant in Russia. It’s really weird to see him mentioned seriously in a discussion. He’s a project directed 100% towards Westerners.


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