Choose Your Loser

For instance, Mexicans could have chosen to declare themselves the children of Hernán Cortés who not only spoke the language they speak and practiced the culture that’s theirs today but was also a mega-winner. Instead, they decided to go with Cuauhtémoc, who not only had a culture they don’t practice and a language they don’t speak, but also was… not a winner.

Americans went with George Washington, and look at the result.


5 thoughts on “Choose Your Loser

  1. And within America there’s a sub-culture that names their kids after Confederate generals. And they still have lower incomes 160 years later.


  2. Speaking of things named after the losers: does anyone know why a condom brand is named Trojans, rather than Achaeans, Greeks, or Myceneans? You’d think they’d want the connotation to be the people who WON the war…

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  3. Mexicans have the National Museum of Interventions …

    … or as War Nerd called it, the Museum of Defeats.

    Maybe they’ll get those grand boulevards widened for the tanks and aircraft before the next “intervention”. 🙂


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