Woke Butts

Here’s a really funny, well-written review from Unherd of an academic book on woke butts. Yes, butts. There’s a woke way of having a derriere, in case you didn’t know, and this book reveals it to eager readers.

In the meantime, I’m back to the fictional variant of woke butts that is offered in The Poisonwood Bible. The problem with the woke is that it’s so predictable. You don’t need to read the woke butt book (or The Poisonwood Bible) to guess that the point it makes is that white people are evil and disgusting. Butts, shoulders, elbows or toes are all an excuse to deliver this idea.


3 thoughts on “Woke Butts

  1. The cheek of calling out White women’s butts when she herself is a White woman with a large butt! Self-hating middle-class White women know no shame: is it because they can’t stand watching themselves in a mirror or because they spend too much time staring at themselves in a mirror? Also, the whining and whingeing: it’s so disempowering!!!


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