The Canada Obsession

Canada? The country with the population of 30 million and one of the most unreliable air travel systems in the developed world?

We recently tried to send my aunt from Montreal to Halifax. It took 5 days. She had a ticket, and everything. It was 5 days after the date of her initial ticket.

Analogies are stupid. Canada is a very different country. Its population is tiny compared to ours. It makes zero sense to imitate it.

Curiously, the genre of “let’s be like the US” is nowhere as popular in Canada, as its equivalent is in the US. And it’s really funny that both pro-privatizers and pro-socializers use Canada to justify their plans.


One thought on “The Canada Obsession

  1. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that what went down is a system that warns pilots of hazards…which absolutely should be centralized. The only way to centralize a system like that is to leave it under the control of a central organization, say, the FAA.

    This has nothing to do with air traffic control issues and everything to do with a software failure. Privatization wouldn’t help with that, either. Sometimes it can make the problem actively worse.

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