Coldest on Record

China’s Northern city of Mohe is experiencing its coldest temperature ever on record: -53°C (-63F). Of course, compared to this winter’s cold weather in Russia – -73°C in one lucky region – this is practically tropical warmth.

Remember, people, this is evidence of global warming because absolutely any weather event is evidence of global warming.

I share these weather-related tidbits here because weather used to be a great item for small talk but now you can’t bring it up without some sour puss making a pious face at you and giving a mini-lecture about global warming.


3 thoughts on “Coldest on Record

  1. Ah, but Clarissa, these people are one step ahead, you see. Once they realised that the evidence for “global warming” did not support their theory, they had a problem on their hands. They solved it by renaming their unsupported theory “climate change”, thereby including both warming and cooling events, and persuaded the media to follow suit. The “global warming” moniker had itself been put to use to replace the previous shibboleth of “greenhouse effect” once this had been discredited by reputable scientists and could no longer be used to hypnotise a sceptical audience.
    This is exactly what happened durin the recent epidemic: marsk are not necessary, yes, they are; no, they’re counterproductive; no, they’re the best prophylactic measure and must be worn at all times; no, they’re harmful if worn outdoors; no, it’s best to keep them on just in case; the vaccinated are not contagious; yes, they are; yes but at a much reduced level; no, there is no difference in contagiousness between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated…
    What matters is the narrative that the elites have decided for the use of the masses: all and any facts will be adapted to fit it until it is adopted unquestioningly by the powerful: dogma is dogma, and Greta is its prophet.
    …and then your post gets five downvotes out nowhere…

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  2. Don’t worry, global cooling will make Florida more pleasant for you during the summer.

    But you’re going to need armoured glass for that heavy steel window scraper in Illinois. 🙂

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