Emotional Bureaucrats

Please observe how soppy, meaningless emotionalism is used to hide a demand for budget cuts:

This is exactly what we saw in that bureaucratic document I’ve been quoting today. “Care”, “feelings”, “community”, “needs”.

Look what they do. They frustrate all real human relationships. Colleagues are terrified of being together because of micro aggressions and #MeToo. People don’t know how to get close to anybody who doesn’t have the exact same “identity.” Children are bad for the environment, and anything beyond a “situationship” is just too onerous.

And when we get starved for actual care, feelings and community, they offer to provide them at the price of a low, easy payment in budget cuts, firings, and austerity.


8 thoughts on “Emotional Bureaucrats

  1. In Israel the situation is becoming “hotter”:

    Two days ago 26.01 IDF entered “West Bank city to apprehend Islamic Jihad operatives planning terrorist attack against Israeli targets” – “At least nine Palestinians were killed and several others injured”

    As a result, “The Palestinian Authority decided on Thursday to suspend security coordination with Israel … Israeli officials say that the decision will likely be reversed at a later date because of the PAs wish to remove Islamic Jihad militants from West Bank”. Two rockets were fired from Gaza and Israel responded.

    The real bad news came yesterday:
    “At least 7 Israelis killed, 10 wounded in synagogue attack in Jerusalem
    Suspected terrorist, 21-year-old resident of east Jerusalem, shot dead; Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza celebrate attack with fireworks; terror attack is Israel’s deadliest since 2011”

    And today:
    “2 Israelis seriously hurt in a shooting attack in Jerusalem
    Emergency services say the shooting in the City of David severely wounds 22-year-old and 47-year-old men; 13-year-old shooter shot and wounded on site; terror attack is second to occur in the capital in less than 24 hours”


  2. My relative advised to watch the movie Дурак (2014) and now I saw its review written by a blogger I read:


    My mother watched it and said it was very good. The full movie is on YouTube here:

    Сантехник пытается предотвратить обрушение жилого дома. Драма Юрия Быкова о коррупции и безразличии.


  3. Earlier: “Make every meeting hurt.”

    Said it, meant it, left out the logistics.

    They are using feelings so they can push through the changes they want without having something that resembles hard accountability.

    You should feel triggered that they aren’t presenting formal budgets, for instance.

    It shows that they have no respect for standard accounting practices and the feelings of the people who manage the budgets.


    At every step, mire these bureaucrats down in their own process of feelings.

    Outside consultants are even better because you can frustrate their relationship with their overseers by dragging out every meeting for detailed clarifications, which turns into budget overruns for their consultancy that show up earlier instead of later.

    That every bit of these clarifications will find a way to video is of course a mere formality, at least if you’re reached out to some people who will set up the cameras for you.

    But you would have had no problem with discussing the necessity of budget cuts without all of this touchy-feely bullshit, wouldn’t you?

    It’s by corrupting a normal business process with touchy-feely bullshit that’s the biggest waste of time and money for everyone.

    So continue by corrupting their fake process with more of its kind of fakeness.


  4. Около 20 БПЛА атаковало Иран. Поражены:
    Штаб-квартира КСИР (Тегеран)
    База спецназа КСИР “Аль Кудс” (Тегеран)
    Центр производства боеприпасов и БПЛА (Исфахан)
    Нефтеперерабатывающие заводы (Абадан, Тебриз и Азаршахр)
    Завод по производству оружия (Исфахан)
    Военные базы (Хамадан, Кередж)
    Авиабаза (Хамадан).
    ПВО Ирана на атаку НЕ РЕАГИРОВАЛО.
    * Это похоже на “тук-тук по крыше” в израильском стиле. Дескать, имейте в виду, мы можем всех вас разнести к чертям собачьим, если вы не перестанете делать то что делаете сейчас.


  5. Another (pro?) Ukrainian blogger writes:

    Хорошие события начали происходить сегодняшней ночью в Иране. Почему-то взорвались центр производства боеприпасов и БПЛА, нефтеперерабатывающий завод, производства оружия, несколько военных баз. В общем, целый набор — красота!

    Похоже, что у россии начинаются проблемы с дронами «Герань-2» 🙂

    А вообще давно было пора разобраться с Ираном, давно.

    Подозреваю, что будет еще интереснее.

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