The Future of Medicine

This is a practice question for the MCAT, the Medical College Admission Test. Can anybody ask a chatbot because I have no idea what the answer is supposed to be.


7 thoughts on “The Future of Medicine

  1. I guess you’re being ironic. Still, answer B used to be the correct one until a few days (months/years?) ago, but Wokism being an in-flux ideological movement for people in flux, I guess the right answer TODAY is D.

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    1. That’s the thing, I don’t know what version of the regularly updated software was downloaded onto the brain of the creator of the test. It could be either B or D, depending on when the last update took place.


  2. There is no actually correct answer available so it definitely relies on which stage of programming the test was designed inside. I sometimes wonder to what extent questions like this reflect the sincere beliefs of the writer vs. being a simple ideological purity test. It’s sad that it could easily be both.

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  3. “I have no idea what the answer is”

    B is the closest to what most people think (though not that close… assigned?)

    But…. if following GC (gender critical) twitter has taught me anything it’s that the trans…. thing (not a movement, maybe an agenda but by who?) is never satisfied with any definition.
    GC’s try to make some kind of distinction that reasonable people can agree with and the trans pushers immediately try to demolish it.
    Suggest ‘female’ for sex and immediately all the autogynephiles* are describing themselves as ‘female’…
    Suggest “biological woman” for…. biological woman and before you know it some autogynephile says “I’m not a cyborg, therefore I’m a biological woman!”
    The other day someone asked why lesbians and gay men are being pushed to identify as ‘queer’ or ‘non-binary’ when many are very clear that they don’t want those labels. The best answer was that ‘lesbian’ and ‘gay’ undermine the idea that sexuality is perpetually fluid.
    Gay people have gone from weird and deviant to oppressively stable in less than a generation…

    *the AGs are definitely the tip of the sword and most aggressively against any kind of rational approach to sex and gender.

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  4. E.

    Gender is clearly what they plan on doing to me with the definition, whereas sex is what I’ll be doing to them about it, preferably first.

    These definitions are clearly non-consensual. 🙂

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