Emotional Banknotes

The Ukrainian student let me hold some Ukrainian money. Unexpectedly, it was a very powerful experience. I haven’t held it in my hands for 25 years. It is really strange to have a deep emotional response to holding money. The only reason why I didn’t start crying or babbling incoherently is because I’m ashamed of showing weakness in front of this very stoic and calm young person.

The thing is, when I left Ukraine, I really left. I completely disengaged myself, never went back. And then all of a sudden, it’s like plunging into a long-ago life that I thought was gone forever.


One thought on “Emotional Banknotes

  1. I don’t feel anything good about plastic British bank notes, they leave me cold.

    The same goes for Canadian plastic bank notes, especially that you have to work them back and forth in your fingers to get them to stay unstuck from each other.

    When I bought a few British gold sovereigns recently, that was a very different experience.

    That had a similar connection as you’re feeling to a time long distant in the past.

    But it’s the Bahamas 15 cent coin that’s the one that gets me, it’s the modern version of the coin that made up the Seven of Coins.

    The only countries that would continue to have an oddly denominated 15 cent coin also know its history and purpose.

    How much is Ukrainian money like that?

    The British sovereign has history and purpose, especially in the US among certain parts of the military.

    Maybe you also know part of that story?


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