Policy or Personality Cult?

Biden just gave a State of the Union speech whose key themes and most enthusiastic riffs could have been lifted—albeit with more Bidenisms and fewer insults—from Trump’s populist campaign.

Ross Douthat, NYTimes

Absolutely. Only blind partisanship can prevent people from seeing this. The moment we free our brain from personality cults it becomes clear that the Biden presidency has enormously more in common with the Trump presidency than, for example with Obama or Bush Jr times.

Obama was Bush Jr version 2.0 and Biden is Trump version 2.0. Yes, the rhetoric is completely different and so are the slogans. But surely we are smarter than the incompetents who take slogans seriously and confuse them with action?

I feel sad for people who are so in thrall to slogans and personality cults that they can’t see the obvious similarities between Trump and Biden administrations.


3 thoughts on “Policy or Personality Cult?

  1. “never seen the movie.”

    You really should see it, my analysis is pretty straightforward (and obvious enough) but it’s type of movie I love discussing with people. So much going on, even the superficial pop song takes on real significance….

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