A Different Europe

It will be very strange to be in Europe in 10 days. The knowledge that there’s a war going on in the continent is going to make it a weird visit. It always feels disorienting to be back on the home continent but this time it will be stranger than ever.

4 thoughts on “A Different Europe

      1. ” haven’t gotten used to it”

        You have a (much bigger) personal stake* in it.
        I remember the Balkan Wars of the 1990s, it’s about the same distance from where I live to Sarajevo and to Kyiv…. so a terrible war going on not that far away is one I’ve gotten a bit used to (as awful as that sounds).

        *everybody has a big personal stake in it, but yours is… bigger than most people’s

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        1. I didn’t mean it as in blaming people for getting used to it. It’s completely normal. I’m horrified by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria but I don’t think about them all the time or search for news updates all day.


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