Cockroaches in a Glass Jar

If you want to be entertained, here’s a delicious long read on wokesters eating each other alive over who’s a bigger traitor to the dogma.

That people would willingly subject themselves to the insanity described in the article when they can be free and simply enjoy life is puzzling. There are so many real, serious hardships in life. Why, why would anybody choose to have a terrible time when they don’t have to? Why amass imaginary “harms” when you can read books by the fireplace, lie in the garden soaking up the sunshine, or laugh with friends over your favorite memes?

The author of the article looks for compassion but I don’t feel sorry for him. He thought he could unleash this ideological monster and somehow avoid it eating him. It doesn’t work that way, however. Both he and “Keisha” – and the young ideologues they raised – will be devoured by the vampire they collectively created.


5 thoughts on “Cockroaches in a Glass Jar

  1. Thank you Clarissa for providing a Saturday afternoon’s full worth of Schadenfreude.
    I read the clueless professor’s article with glee, though I wasn’t at all surprised by the unfolding of his ordeal. What I found disturbing is that even after what would be an eye-opening epiphany for any person endowed with a modicum of common sense, he still had no clue about the positively mephistophelean Keisha, who, in any case, is just one of a myriad useful idiots of the current Woke revolution.
    However, my jaw dropped in dismay when I read that this obviously dim-witted academic directs the Center for Political Theology [sic] at Villanova University, which I thought to be a Catholic institution. They are lost sheep, and the shepherds are evidently not doing their job.

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  2. ” looks for compassion but I don’t feel sorry for him”

    He’s upset because someone else got to poison his students instead of him…. he’s Lucrezia Borgia, furious about that new Sforza upstart stealing her thunder.


  3. “Why amass imaginary “harms””

    Around the time I finished the article…. I realized what other group a very big chunk of current African American intellectuals (Coates, Wells, Kendi etc that type) remind me of.
    The endless self-pity and portrayal of the group as martyrs whose tremendous achievements and superior culture are misunderstood and denegrated by malevolent outsiders who want to destroy them…. (need I go on?)

    I think it may have begun in the early 1990s when those chose Malcom X as their living incarnation (rather than MLK). For all his many flaws, MLK’s message was positive and aspirational while…. X’s was drenched in greivances and a feeling of injustic that could never be righted or forgiven….


  4. Nah, I don’t buy this guy’s pretend shock in the slightest. I was never research-active in any of the woke topics (Critical Race Theory, Black Studies, Queer and Trans Studies, you name it) but by 2015-16 it had become clear to me that the woke project thrived on eating their own, and that on of the best things I could do to protect myself was to carefully purge any signs of wokeness from my teaching or scholarship. And this guy, who was at the epicentre of a made-up woke field, turns up to teach in 2022 pretending not to know any of this… the mind boggles.

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    1. I agree. He participated in creating it, thrived in it, probably hounded others, burned with self-righteous indignation, milked it until the last but once a more successful young hustler turned out to be better at it, he became upset.


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