Biden in Kyiv

Biden is in Kyiv! We knew he was coming but it’s still huge news.

Remember that a year ago Biden thought Kyiv would fall. And now he’s celebrating Ukraine’s strength in Mikhailiv Square.

I don’t have the right to be proud of being Ukrainian but I sure am proud of being American.

God bless these United States.

P.S. It’s 4:15 am, I’m on an Uber going to the airport, trying not to cry (too loudly) to avoid freaking out the driver.

P.P.S. As the news dropped, regular, peace-loving Russians are exploding on social media, demanding a nuclear strike on Kyiv.

P.P.P.S. The official Russian media are trying to suppress the news, keeping it out of the TV coverage. Putin must be very upset because it was always his biggest dream to be loved and embraced by the Western leadership. His biggest achievement in life that he never got over was being complimented by George W Bush. Thank God in heaven that Biden is not Dubya. Or Obama without whom we wouldn’t be in this situation at all.


5 thoughts on “Biden in Kyiv

    1. OK, at least somebody is awake! I’m almost exploding here.

      It’s the anniversary of the commemoration of the Heavenly Hundred. And the eve of Putin’s famous address that he’s reportedly very proud of. The darn bastard must be really miserable.

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