The Chosen Destruction

We are driving through Spanish countryside, with its clusters of abandoned, broken down, windowless buildings of all sizes that look bombed out.

After two nights with little sleep and finally being in Europe, I can’t say this isn’t messing with my head.

7 thoughts on “The Chosen Destruction

  1. “clusters of abandoned, broken down, windowless buildings”

    Historically Spain has often been ahead of Europe so I’m assuming this is the future planned for everywhere…. austerity stamping on a human face forever.

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      1. “What’s your excuse?”

        Austerity, besides putting public goods into private hands (primary goal) is about destroying (constructive) initiative.

        “Why try to get a job if the company will go out of business in a month?”
        “Why get an education if I won’t be able to get a job?”
        “Why clean things up if it’s just going to get dirty again.”
        “The government is a bunch of thieves so it’s okay if I steal too!”

        I don’t think enough attention is paid to austerity as a method for inducing learned helplessness and/or anti-social attitudes.

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        1. This is so true. The attitude towards having children in Spain, for example, is that it’s SO COMPLICATED. What’s all that complicated they can never explain. They just make big scary eyes at you.


      1. “big cities and a whole lot of empty space”

        Exactly the scenario the conspiracy crazies 10 or so years ago were saying was the goal. But they were just crazy, right?……. right?


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