Lose Yourself… in COVID

OK, first of all, have you heard Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”? It’s also known as the best pop music song known to humanity. If not, listen to it here and then appreciate the way it was remastered for the current times by a talented reader of this blog:

Here’s the contemporary version of the masterpiece:

His face is sweaty,
Breath hot,
Lips are chapping,
There’s fogging on his glasses already,
Sight declining,
He’s boosted
But to neurotics
He looks sick and frightening,
Could cough germs,
But he keeps vaccinating,
Takes his mask off,
The guards all yell so loud
He opens his mouth
But they escort him out,
Ain’t choking, no,
Lungs functioning just fine right now,
Mask mandate sucks,
Pissed off,
Over, pow!

Snap back to reality,
Oh, unmasked celebrities,
Look, unmasked governor!
They lie,
He’s so mad
But he won’t
Give up that easy, no,
He won’t have it,
He knows,
It’s all back to the masks,
It don’t matter,
They’re dopes,
He knows that,
System broke,
Deck stacked,
And he knows
That when he goes back to just work from home
That’s when it’s
Back to the masks again,
This dumb mask crap,
He better go
Protest mask mandates.

You better
Boost yourself!
It’s the safest,
You know it,
Data shows it,
I’ll never let it go,
You only need three shots,
Do not miss your chance,
Just go,
This pharmacology helps you for a lifetime!

The germs escaping
Through this hole that is gaping,
Gaps won’t seal ‘less we taping,
Let me breathe!
As we move toward a
Vaccinated order,
As normal life is fading…

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