Be Yourself

Sadly, it looks like DeSantis decided to take Trump’s bait and fight him for the affections of the pouty MAGA crowd. He’ll never pry them away from Trump, so I don’t see the point. Trying to be an alternative Trump is a bad strategy. You can never out-Trump Trump.

It’s disappointing that DeSantis is chickening out of challenging Trump head on. Trump clearly has no such scruples (see earlier post).

OK, I heard Youngkin might run. Let’s see if he manages to keep his balls from shriveling at the sight of Trump.


6 thoughts on “Be Yourself

  1. DeSantis is disappointing me a lot too. His management of COVID was spot on, but that is quickly fading away.

    His current moral and anti-woke crusade is also getting old. Many of us are very tired of these silly culture wars and would rather focus on more important issues. But unfortunately it doesn’t seem any Republican has any coherent strategy there.


    1. Unfortunately true. There’s definitely a leftist bias in academia, for example. But you can’t legislate it away. The main teaching tool is the teacher’s personality and the teacher will bring it to the classroom no matter what. There’s no instant solution, no vaccine, no law. It will take long, painstaking work.


  2. Trump seems to be the only candidate running who has a vision (we can argue over whether he’d enact it, but he’s at least articulated it.) All the other candidates don’t seem to have any message other than “woke is bad.” Except Haley, who is bizarrely trying to copy the Hillary Clinton playbook.

    The current Desantis campaign seems to mostly consist of having his surrogates cry about how Trump is MEAN. Truly pathetic.


    1. I must agree. They are all defining themselves in relation to Trump, and that’s a loser position by default. I had high hopes for DeSantis but he’s completely sunk in his Trump obsession.


    2. We now have a political machine that completely eliminates anybody with a spine, a moral center, or a reasonable agenda, before they get anywhere near national politics.

      The only quality that matters at the federal level, is whether or not you can be purchased or blackmailed. For a little while at least, Trump seemed better than most just by virtue of being already-wealthy, and having no shame.

      Doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I wonder what the payoff from the drug companies was.


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