America First

A survey of people in different regions on why, in their opinion, the US is helping Ukraine:

Defending Western dominance is a brilliant idea. Let’s not be fooled into adopting the woke disgust with the West. Yes, the West has problems. In comparison with the rest of the world, though, those problems are insignificant little pinpricks.

Even though I’m from Ukraine, I can tell you honestly that it wouldn’t make sense for the US to go all in (or even partially in) on some regional conflict somewhere far away. I want the US to remain the world leader because any conceivable alternative would be worse. This doesn’t mean the US is perfect. It means it’s vastly better than anything else on offer.

You can’t be first in a group of one. “America First” presupposes that there’s somebody who’s second, third, and fifty-ninth. It also presupposes that you have enough of an impact on the surrounding reality to stand up for your interests. You can’t put your interests first if somebody else is writing the agenda.

Leadership’s doesn’t just happen. You have to defend it with action every day. Why would we voluntarily give up our leadership and join the vast club of the pouty irrelevants?

The post-WWII world order is collapsing and the new one is coming into existence as we speak. Whether we become insignificant little pawns in this new order is completely up to us. I invite everyone to read up on what happened to the insignificant little pawns in the previous world order and ask themselves if they like that picture.


9 thoughts on “America First

  1. To my understanding and belief:
    The first defense of liberty is the rule of law.
    The first defense of the sovereignty of the individual is the sovereignty of the State, defended by the rule of law.
    If a nation proclaims to stand for the rule of law, then it shows its true face when it looks the other way as one sovereign nation violates the sovereignty of another.
    I see only two ways to stop a fight.
    And am saddened and humiliated that the US (and her people; “left” and “right”) is no longer capable of maintaining order in her sphere of influence.
    And very impressed with the courage, patriotism, and valor of the Ukrainian people.

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  2. “want the US to remain the world leader because any conceivable alternative would be worse”

    Yes, especially since the ‘multi-polar’ system that putain stans want is essentially regional dictatorships (more or less straight out of 1984 which is apparently something to strive for now?)

    Those who spit on the ‘rules based international order’ have no idea how crappy every single alternative is or they do which makes them not only stupid but evil.

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    1. And again, talking about childish mentality, this is the perfect example. The idea that we are going to withdraw from the world affairs and that won’t impact us is infantile. If, for instance, there’s a major famine in Africa and the Middle East, we’ll get more refugees. Then it becomes a pressing issue. Isn’t it better to act preventatively? And there’s a million things like that.


        1. Great article but I wouldn’t take China so seriously. Look at what’s happening right now. Putin is begging China to send food to feed the Russian army. The idiots are so weakened, they can’t feed their soldiers. In response, Xi runs to Russia like an obedient vassal. Why doesn’t he have Putin come to him? Now would be the time to show that you are the boss. Instead, China releases some pathetic map where the Russian cities it wants to annex are given Chinese names. This is a third-grade prank instead of serious action.

          We keep judging the Chinese from our Western perspective. They are big, so they should want and be able to achieve dominance. But they neither want nor know how to do it.


  3. As much personal fondness as I have for Ukraine, the reason I favor us sending weapons and money is because it’s in our own interest. When Russia is involved, it comes our business.

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