Fashionable Color

The color of the season is beige. I don’t know why but I’m not questioning this excellent development. I look great in beige. And in fire-engine red. This makes absolutely no sense but it’s true. I look best in extremely bright red or beige.

On the negative side, I look hideous in yellow or green. And brown. But then, brown suits almost nobody.


12 thoughts on “Fashionable Color

  1. Nevet, ever wear yellow. Green in moderation, and only with brown, ochre and beige. All shades of grey, blue and black are stylish and wearable.

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    1. ” depends on the coloring of …”

      There was a great site which I can’t find now since google has been optimized to make finding specific sites impossible.
      Anyhoo, it said the critical feature is undertone, which is independent of skin shade. It had examples from the lightest to darkest possible human skin shades with different undertones.
      What was great were lots of pictures where the color of clothes or makeup complemented or worked against the model’s undertones.

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      1. Back in the day, there were professional ladies you could consult about this. It was called “getting your season done” or somesuch (they’d classify you as winter, spring, summer or fall)– basically they’d assess your skin tone and then give you a palette of colors to stick to, to complement it. And yeah, it depends almost entirely on whether your skin has mostly red undertones or yellow ones… but also I think, how much contrast there is between your skin and hair, and perhaps eye color factors in. Not sure. Mainly skin tone. As a business, it was kind of a crock, but the advice was solid. I think skin/hair contrast determines whether you stick to dark colors, or wear pastels.

        Basically, if you’re able to tan, you can wear warm colors (red, orange, yellow, and colors that include them like khaki and beige) and they look good on you. If you don’t (me), you stick to blue, purple, blue-green, and blue-gray, and if you must wear, say, red… go with a watermelon shade rather than a tomato shade. There are a handful of colors that look good on nearly everyone, so they’re a good choice for uniforms, bridesmaid dresses, etc.: teal, burgundy, navy blue, plum purple, and charcoal gray, IIRC.

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        1. ” Mainly skin tone.”

          Among other things, one thing I really liked about this site that I can’t find now was that it included extremely dark sub-Saharan type complexions (instead of white people with a little olive thrown in….) and showed how they have different undertones as well so that the same color looked great or awful on different models depending on that.

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            1. It’s not that you can’t wear yellow. It’s that if you have the wrong skin tone for it, you should not wear it next to your face. So, you know, if it were me doing the Ukrainian flag thing, I’d wear a blue blouse and a yellow skirt, or a blue outfit with yellow accessories.

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          1. Yeah, this is one of the things I hate about search engine “improvements”. Back in the bad old days of AltaVista, where 60% of results were porn, you could still use quote marks and refine your search terms, and find exactly what you were looking for in just a couple of tries. Now? If you didn’t save a link or memorize the web address, forget it.

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