Personalities Matter

I went to evaluate graduate student presentations today, and the presentation on the order of adjectives in a sentence (e.g. do you say “a red tasty fish” or “a tasty red fish”?) that I thought I’d find the most boring was actually the best of all. The grad student who did this research is so in love with his topic and is delivering it with such verve and joy that he had a small crowd next to his project at all times. There were projects that featured a small robot invented by a grad student, there was woodworking, really good art, all sorts of things. But people were mesmerized by the adjectives because the personality of the presenter was so big.

By the way, the mystery of the grad student whose research praises the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact has been revealed. Guess who she’s been rooming with for the past year? Yes, my Russian instructor. She says speaking to the Russian really helped her clarify her prospective on the evils of Baltic nationalisms.


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