Immaterial Advantage

Xi went to Russia, signed a joint statement with Putin about the importance of nuclear non-proliferation. Two days later – literally, two days – Putin moved nukes into Belarus, creating a new nuclear state in the world. The desire to humiliate Xi couldn’t possibly be more obvious.

One keeps hearing, “Asian people are so proud. The most important thing for them is not to lose face publicly.” What did Xi do when Putin casually made him look ineffectual and unnecessary after Xi went to the trouble of making a personal visit?

He swallowed and said, “thank you, sir.”

The belief that rich, strong countries always dominate the poorer, weaker ones is based on interiorized Marxism. In reality – as opposed to a materialist fantasy – it doesn’t work like that. Size truly doesn’t matter. What matters is whether you know that you have something amazing to offer the world. If you do, a barren little peninsula topples gigantic empires and a small island with weird weather makes the whole world speak its language.

The opposite is true, too. There are many examples of huge, powerful empires dismantling themselves because there’s no longer a feeling of purpose.


4 thoughts on “Immaterial Advantage

  1. I was listening to NPR tonight for the first time in months. They were talking about poverty, objectifying “the poor” as they always do, as if poverty were simply a matter of money, a problem to be solved by elite ministrations, higher taxation of billionaires, “better public education” and better strategically conceived government programs directed by the haute bourgeoisie, the technocracy, which is to say them and their daft ridiculous obscenely pampered sublimely solipsistic arrogantly decadent ilk.

    They quoted study after study focused on material considerations: payday loans, better public housing, increased access to abortion and contraception.. These sadists think “the poor” killing their own children is their path to liberation.

    Never once did they address family, culture, religion. Culture and religion are more or less one and the same, and these Mensheviks are consumed with contempt for both, which is why they have neither, which explains why our society they presume to lead is shriveling like a plant murdered for want of sun and rain..

    Like all gnostic materialists they only conceive power as spell casting, technology, money and violence. But power is actually metaphysical, power is grace, and culture is grace’s accumulated communal historical legacy.

    Poverty, likewise, is never material, but always spiritual. You can control (own) absolutely nothing but your own heart, yet be completely free.. True power is only in this spiritual detachment, which is exactly why our society is becoming fascist, why our culture is collapsing: We’ve all forgotten how to suffer joyfully, we’ve all become simpering slaves to pleasure and the money dispensed by these cretinous clowns.

    Western culture derived from monasticism and monogamy. Both of these have been deliberately extinguished by these nitwitted narcissistic nihilists, these vapid latter day Trotskyites who have faith in nothing except themselves and their own sociopathic mastabatory desires.

    They were hypocritical liars in 1917. They didn’t give a shit about people, “the proletariat” then, their pretensions are even more transparently absurd and contemptible now.

    If Putin and Xi end up nuking us all, it is hardly less than what they deserve. If they happen to, they’ll at least be doing us the favor of extinguishing our us in this, our absurd self inflicted misery.


  2. “There are many examples of huge, powerful empires dismantling themselves because there’s no longer a feeling of purpose.”

    Do they do it because they lack purpose, or because the wealth pump runs dry and they can no longer afford to administer all the far-flung territories.


    1. Material concerns never play a large role in these things. Russia, for example, is definitely not profiting from what it’s doing. To the contrary, the material well-being is being eagerly sacrificed.

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