Another Marxist Fail

Here’s more fun info from yesterday’s talk by our chief administrator.

At the beginning of the fiscal year, we had an 18-million budget shortfall. As a result of creating an enormous, unwieldy bureaucracy around hiring and crippling Advisement, Admissions, Library services, graduate programs etc with worker shortages, we saved a little over 400,000. Which is next to nothing if we take into account the entire shortfall. This happened because huge gaps in workforce ended up costing more, in many cases, than was saved. Also, student counts dropped as students can’t take the courses they need at convenient times. So money was actually lost as a result.

What did the administration do when it received this data?

It decided to plough on with the exact same bureaucratic hiring procedures.

It’s not about money, folks. Marx was wrong. Many things – most things, actually – aren’t about money at all.


One thought on “Another Marxist Fail

  1. “It’s not about money”

    Then what’s it about? I’ve always disliked economic models that assume that human beings are rational decision makers… but what’s the goal here?

    Before your last paragraph here I was assuming that the agenda is to provide make-work jobs while getting rid of as many students as possible since they’ll just get in the way.

    Or is the plan to simply destroy the university? Because this goes way past any previous idea of turning the university into a simulacrum of education but without giving students the connections that will be needed in an ever less meritocratic future….

    Or does the administration even know what it’s trying to do and just working on fumes of slogans while shutting out reality by generating more budget reports?


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