4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. haha! It’s because your kids never let you have any personal space, ever. You kind of forget that you once valued it. Plus, once you’ve been dealing intimately with other people’s bodily excretions for years… you can think with a hint of nostalgia of the time when you were squicked out by sharing drinks with other people… oh, sweet innocence.

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    1. Also, getting on your stomach in the playground to reach for a toy that rolled under the merry-go-round. Or climbing a playstructure while holding a toddler and a rucksack. Or wiping a very snotty nose with the hem of your dress. I’ve been peed, pooped, drooled and burped on publicly, so now it’s impossible to humiliate me.

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      1. It’s true! There was a time I would have been completely humiliated by having to go about in public with a coffee stain on my shirt. Now? Ha! Having young children is basically a free pass, automatic built-in excuse, for any wardrobe disaster you can imagine, including, but not limited to, boogers smeared on your shirt, rice in your hair, smelling like urine or vomit… whatever. kids. It’s a thing.


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