How Shoes You Wear Affect What Kind of Men You Date

And this is the most recent weird ad I found:

As strange as this ad is, I have to confess that in terms of shoes, I’m definitely number 3 from the top. I have very sensitive feet and prefer ballet flats to any other kind of shoe. And the guy that corresponds to those shoes on this graph is really my kind of guy. My eyes immediately go to him out of all these men. Hmmm. . .

Are you noticing any similarities between your preferences in shoes and in men?

The Best Condom Ad Campaign Ever

This is from an ad campaign by Durex:

I think it’s brilliant. N. and I have been laughing all day long. I have no use for the product any more but if I did, I’d switch to this brand immediately, just to support the marketing people who have such a great sense of humor.

I found the ad here and there are two more equally great ones on that site from the same campaign. The entire blog is well worth checking out.

A Creepy Ad

The following ad keeps popping up in my blogroll and it just bothers me to no end:

Do people find it as creepy as I do? Would you feel the same if it were a man kissing a child on the lips? The slogan on the right of the photo also resembles the pedophiles’ motto of “We really care about kids” way too much. Altogether, this just looks disturbing to me.

The ad is for a restaurant chain that feeds kids disgusting garbage, which is why I don’t want to name it.

P.S. Now that I placed this nasty ad here, I can’t even look at the homepage of my own blog without shuddering.

How to Sell Stuff to Women?

Why would commercials that are trying to appeal to women would insult women this way:

And another one from the same company:

Are there truly that many women left who would be able to identify with this kind of crap? Also, does anybody need any more proof that in advertisement, the goal of selling things very often gets defeated by the personal ideology and psychological issues of the ad-makers?

I found these ads here.

Pink Eggs

And here is the likely winner for the Stupidest Ad Campaign Ever contest:

This is how the campaign is presented on the company’s website:

Integrated ad agency WFCA in Tunbridge Wells has created a fun and frothy press campaign featuring the endline ‘Bake it beautiful’. The ad is made to look like a stunning perfume or makeup ad and shows a wholesome girl-next-door posing with a cupcake in the style of famous supermodels posing with lipsticks or perfume. She’s radiant with a post-baking glow having been captured in a moment of baking ecstasy and the headline ‘Cupcake pour femme’ gives the ad a deeper level of humour. Shot in London by renowned fashion photographer Julia Kennedy and conceptualised by creative team Arpita Banerjee and Mats Persson, the campaign is ready to take the hip and happening baking set by storm!

In case you are wondering what the company is selling, it’s not what you thought, you dirty-minded person. It’s eggs.