Semi-Open Thread: What Do You Think About These Ads?

The following ads for Swiss Life won “Europe’s premier creative award” for advertising campaign. I found them here.

8 thoughts on “Semi-Open Thread: What Do You Think About These Ads?

  1. I saw them and no idea what they were promoting. That kind of means they fail as ads, now don’t they? Though, it seems being artsy is enough to win awards now.


  2. I think they are interesting ads, very clever and well suiting the company tag line, although i’m not sure about award winning. They’ve gotten people talking though which is good marketting.


  3. Here’s a link with more legible images. For me, they’re OK but not really good enough. In particular, they all make abrupt transitions from the first to the second meaning — the experience of moving from A to B is not varied or rich. Put another way, they’re constructed of phrases which overlap only on one word (or in one case “I love”). Or put a third way, as advertising goes, they’re pretty good poems.


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