Pink Eggs

And here is the likely winner for the Stupidest Ad Campaign Ever contest:

This is how the campaign is presented on the company’s website:

Integrated ad agency WFCA in Tunbridge Wells has created a fun and frothy press campaign featuring the endline ‘Bake it beautiful’. The ad is made to look like a stunning perfume or makeup ad and shows a wholesome girl-next-door posing with a cupcake in the style of famous supermodels posing with lipsticks or perfume. She’s radiant with a post-baking glow having been captured in a moment of baking ecstasy and the headline ‘Cupcake pour femme’ gives the ad a deeper level of humour. Shot in London by renowned fashion photographer Julia Kennedy and conceptualised by creative team Arpita Banerjee and Mats Persson, the campaign is ready to take the hip and happening baking set by storm!

In case you are wondering what the company is selling, it’s not what you thought, you dirty-minded person. It’s eggs.

5 thoughts on “Pink Eggs

  1. I saw these in Sainsburys the other night. Admittedly I was tired, but I swear I spent a good five minutes just staring at them, because I couldn’t work out what the selling point was supposed to be. Other than the box being pink of course. I am still unsure tbh.


  2. You know, I really love baking. It is one of my favorite hobbies and produces things that I like to eat very much. At the same time, if I ever experience “baking ecstasy” or a “post-baking glow” I will be deeply concerned for myself.


  3. I adore baking as well, and I think I have now figured out why ordinary tools like spatulas, whisks, and mixing bowls have been popping up in baking stores with ugly bright colours and designs that look like a spread in Seventeen Magazine, at twice the price of a plain ordinary baking tool. I’m displeased.


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