>Tundra in the Midwest


I will never understand what strange psychological problems lead people to drive this kind of total monstrosity in the Midwest of all places. Besides being an environmental nightmare, it is incredibly ugly and inconvenient. Getting into it and finding a place to park it must be quite a production. 

I keep wondering whether the proud owner of this coffin-like structure even knows what tundra is and whether he is hoping to find it in Southern Illinois. It is pretty cold here right now but we are still too far away from turning into a tundra.

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5 thoughts on “>Tundra in the Midwest”

  1. >In fact, it is a very Midwestern thing. It would be even more Midwestern if it was Ford or GM. Anyway, one is supposed to load a sofa onto it, then drive to the drive-in movie theater… You've got the idea…


  2. >I hope to god you are not serious about the sofa…Why do you think people in the Midwest are using it? It obviously serves no real utilitarian reason. (Leaving the sofa aside).


  3. >The drive-in movie theater in our town had disappeared before I arrived… Now I am not sure if it is an urban legend (or, more precisely, rural legend), or if I have actually once seen something like that myself during the 4th of July fireworks…More seriously, pickup trucks are widely used by farmers and small contractors, everywhere in the US, including the Midwest.


  4. >As V said farmers and builders use this pickups. But can you explain me why the SUV in Midwest???!!!I happened to live in NW Indiana where the land is soooooo flat it could not be more! I like to say that the size of the vehicle is proportional to the size of the ouners ego!


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