How to Become a Member of Amazon Vine?

Amazon provides the following definition of its Amazon Vine program:

Amazon Vine™ is a program that enables a select group of Amazon customers to post opinions about new and pre-release items to help their fellow customers make educated purchase decisions. Customers are invited to become Amazon Vine™ Voices based on the trust they have earned in the Amazon community for writing accurate and insightful reviews. Amazon provides Amazon Vine™ members with free copies of products that have been submitted to the program by vendors. Amazon does not influence the opinions of Amazon Vine™ members, nor do we modify or edit their reviews.

As you can see, the only way to join the program is to be invited personally by Amazon. There is, however, a number of things you can do to maximize your chances of being invited. When I first heard about the program, I realized that, since I obviously write really great reviews (as witnessed by their popularity on this blog), there is no reason for me not to be in the program. People keep saying that the way Amazon selects its Vine Voices is completely arbitrary. I don’t know whether that’s true. I do know, however, that several months after I started working actively towards being included into the program, I got an invitation to it. The opportunity to get books by some of my favorite authors months before they appear in print is priceless. It is also pretty good to get the free products (sometimes, extremely expensive ones) through the program.

Sitting down and writing a huge bunch of reviews, though, is not going to help you get invited into the program. You need a strategy. The strategy should be aimed at giving you a very high Amazon reviewer ranking within a short period of time. This means that you need to get many positive votes on your Amazon reviews. In order to do that, you have to be the first or the second person to publish a review of a book that is going to be hugely popular. Reviews of such books appear extremely fast, and it will not help you in any way to be stuck at review #237. Nobody is likely to notice it and you will get no votes. So if the book already has over 20 reviews, don’t waste your time posting yours. Unless, of course, you are dying to express your opinion and don’t care about whether this will help your ratings or not.

After you have chosen a bestselling author who is planning to release a new book soon, you need to be among the first people who will get the book, read it and post a review. What I did was pre-order such books on my Kindle. New Kindle releases appear on your device at 3 am Eastern Time (or 2 am Central Time, which is my time zone.) The second you get the book, you need to read it. Reading in such a hurry and staying up all night, kind of spoils the enjoyment of reading. But everything in life comes at a price, and so does Amazon Vine membership. As soon as you get through the book, you need to force yourself to stay awake and write a review of it for Amazon. The good news is that if you choose your books right, you won’t need to go through this complex process more than a few times.

In order to receive good ratings, your reviews need to be fairly long and offer something of value to the readers. (Retelling the plot is obviously not one of such things.) Ask yourself what you would want to know if you were to consult a review before making a purchase.

It is a good idea to review a variety of products in many different categories. An object doesn’t have to be bought at Amazon to be reviewed there. Is there a particular piece of clothing or jewelry that you bought recently and can discuss in an interesting way in a review? A special gadget or a computer game? A favorite brand of cereal or raisins? All this stuff is sold on Amazon and can be reviewed.

The goal is to become one of the top 300-400 reviewers, and then you just have to sit tight and wait for your invitation. Of course, you have to be a resident of the US and it looks like it also helps if you don’t live in a huge city. Nobody is going to need thousands of Vine Voices from the same geographical area. This is where it finally becomes a good thing to live in a God-forsaken little town.

And once you get on Amazon Vine, the best piece of advice I can offer you is to keep as far away as possible from the community forum. It is populated by some really strange people who construct their entire identity around being a member of the program. There are, of course, many perfectly normal people there but the scary ones are too scary for the forum to make sense.

Have fun reviewing!


7 thoughts on “How to Become a Member of Amazon Vine?”

  1. At one time I aspired to amazon reviewer stardom, but I knew I’d have to review “popular” books and I just don’t read that many of them. I do know an amazon heavyweight, Kevin Killian, a poet from San Francisco. He is also the only one who ever reviewed me on amazon!


  2. I could review self-help books about how to become a scholarly writer, I guess. Are those popular?

    Killian reads vast amounts of mysteries. I just cannot. He also reviews scholarly books and poetry, but he has his finger on the popular pulse too.


  3. great article; and I particularly loved the comment about living in a ‘god forsaken little town’ like myself! 🙂 As I’m a Mum I buy a variety of products from Amazon (UK) and always leave reviews, and I noticed that my profile says ‘top reviewer’ on, so my question is, do you think this will garner me a vine invite at all? 🙂


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