Avoiding the Syllabi Drama

I just did both of my syllabi for next semester and left them at the copy center. My syllabi are like little brochures because they are so detailed and long. It makes sense to have such a detailed course program because it allows me to think very little about the courses during the semester.

I always create my syllabi well in advance because running around like a scared bunny the week before the beginning of the semester gives me nightmares.

At this point, I’m so good at creating syllabi that the whole thing took me exactly 4 hours (including pictures and the hyper-controlled course schedule).

This semester, my goal is to streamline teaching as much as possible in order to do massive amounts of research. I will force myself only to think about teaching for one hour 3 days a week (besides the actual classes).

I will keep my readers updated as to the progress of my struggle against overpreparing classes as a strategy to avoid doing research. At least, I know that it’s an avoidance technique. Many people go through life congratulating themselves for being good teachers who are so immersed in teaching they don’t do an hour of research in an entire week.

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