Through the Eyes of a Stranger: Sprinkling Madness

Please look at the mini-ravine in the photo. At night, there are 6 sprinklers servicing it. Three sprinklers on one side and three more on the other. Of course, the water rolls down immediately and the ravine is just as yellow and ugly as the unsprinkled patch of grass right next to it.

I would understand it if the sprinkles watered a flower-bed or a vegetable garden. Understanding lawn-sprinkling is harder for me but I’m willing to accept that this is a cultural heritage of the British who worship their lawns.

This mini-ravine, however, is a mystery to me. Why would anybody want to waste crazy amounts of fresh water every night to water this useless, ugly little space? This can serve no practical purpose.

Am I missing something?

11 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of a Stranger: Sprinkling Madness

  1. In Israel every patch of grass and each huge tree have to be watered. Nevertheless, we pay money for this service too and the town is quite green. On me green is calming, even if it’s “ugly space”. 🙂 May be more trees or flowers will be planted in the future?


  2. This ravine with the stone paths make it look as if this is a drainage pool for surplus rain water.

    You can sometimes see this around larger buildings on flat land and it is necessary to direct rain water into these pits because otherwise the water might flood the house or garden or entry ways.


    1. That is not a reason to water it though… Maybe this is a HOA thing ? They tend to have ridiculous rules and a “Grass must always be green” rule would not suprise me.


  3. Sometimes slopes are watered to keep ground cover plants alive, which in turn helps prevent soil erosion, and problems with mud run-off causing blockages in drainage systems. That said, it does look pretty pointless from the photo – is the rest of the area fitted with sprinklers too?


      1. Chalk it up to crummy landscaping planning then! Was probably laid out by some numpty who ‘knows’ that x amount of sprinkler outlets are required per x sq metres, but is unable to to adapt to other considerations, so merely laid them out on a grid format, regardless of terrain.


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