A New Blog to Follow

Today is a great day for me. I’ve been receiving good news since morning. Among them, is the fact that a dear colleague of mine has started a blog of his own. I always feel very happy when another fellow Hispanist joins our blogging community. We, the scholars of literature, are usually fascinating people with a wide area of interests and strong opinions. We are, of necessity, widely traveled and well-read. We also argue and produce new ideas for a living.

People often imagine us, the academics, as elitist nerdy folks who are completely out of touch with the realities of regular citizens. This is not true, though. We have a lot of non-academic interests that most people can relate to. Some of us are passionate cooks, some are dedicated soccer fans, some watch the Dr. Phil Show and love reality TV, some are into fashion and collect shoes, some are obsessed with mystery novels and horror movies, many struggle with paying our bills. We have a lot to say about these topics and, what’s really great, we know how to say it well.

Which is why I’m very happy that my colleague has now joined our blogging conversation.

You can find Professor F-B’s blog What? here.

4 thoughts on “A New Blog to Follow

      1. Well, I read more than two, but yours and the other one daily. The rest of the blogs don’t interest me as much as to follow them daily!)


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