An Interesting Commenter

Comments that readers leave on this blog appear on my Dashboard in inverted order: the most recent comment (irrespective of the thread where it appeared) is at the top of the page, the second most recent is a little lower down, and so on.

So I’m reading the comments that have accumulated while I was away from the computer. Eventually, I come across a very interesting comment. I can’t say I agree with it completely but it surely betrays an original way of looking at things. I’m curious about the identity of this new, interesting commenter. And then I discover that the comment was left by me yesterday. 🙂

5 thoughts on “An Interesting Commenter”

  1. So, you do not always completely agree with what you say?…JK
    Although, you sure have a different angle at looking to various things. 🙂


  2. Not surprised that you didn’t recognize your own comment. When trying to stir the pot on various issues, forgetting where you sprinkled your ingredients ought to be expected.


  3. “The ability to suprise oneself is either a sign of true greatness.. or dementia”

    @Tim: That is hilarious!!!


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