Hedonists in Search of a Burger

The following has been sent out by the Twitterer @_Capitalism_: “I am capitalism and I have destroyed human consciousness, I have turned you into blind hedonists in search of burgers and pleasure.” You have to agree that the image of blind hedonists stumbling around in search of those pleasurable hamburgers is priceless. How could I fail to share it with my readers?

Twitter is a medium where anybody can pretend to sound wise by uttering 140-character platitudes. The sheer shortness of messages is interpreted by many as a sign they have to contain a valuable insight.

2 thoughts on “Hedonists in Search of a Burger”

  1. That reminds me of that very offensive commercial for Autism Speaks, when they personified autism as a stealer of children and ruiner of marriages.
    The lesson: Anthropomorphism should be used sparingly.


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