Neurotypicals Are Strange

And it becomes especially evident in summer. These strange people gather in groups for barbecues, garden parties, weddings, etc. And they do it not because anybody makes them but because they actually choose to. Because they think it’s fun. To me, it is completely incomprehensible why anybody would choose to spend time this way.

As an autistic, I resign myself to several such events during each summer. But I have never comprehended people who don’t dread them but welcome them instead.

6 thoughts on “Neurotypicals Are Strange”

  1. Clarissa’s Law:
    The higher the outside temperature is, the more likely it is for grown adult humans to gather outside and light a fire.


  2. My husband has never been tested for autism but he is severely antisocial, and dreads all the gatherings you mentioned above. He doesn’t like people so we rarely go anywhere and never have people over (unless we know them really really well, and it’s hard to get to know well unless you spend time with them… So there’s catch 22).
    I love social gatherings and wish we could do more for the kids’ sake…


  3. I’m neurotypical but I loathe small talk, the word “fun”, and all kinds of fake smiles, which makes the barbecues, weddings, and garden parties unbearable for me.


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