Yes, This Is My Blog

I have received two emails and a comment stating that this blog doesn’t belong to me and that I “just happen to moderate this public forum.”

I’m sorry to disappoint people but this is, indeed, my blog. I started it as a personal hobby, and it belongs to no one but me. If you believe that “this blog belongs to the people”, you have a problem in your head. The blog is mine and I can delete it or shut it down whenever I want. (I’m not planning to do so, of course, but I could if I felt like it). I will publish whatever I want here and ban whomever I want.

The good news, though, is that you can start your own blog any time and run it any way you see fit. If what I write traumatizes you in any way, you can move on to other websites. You might find this hard to believe, but they do exist.

And, please, let’s just put the silliness of telling me how to practice my hobby to rest, OK?

17 thoughts on “Yes, This Is My Blog”

  1. If I knew the identity of the people who said that, I’d stroll into their house one day, plop on the couch, and watch TV. When they would tell me to get out of their house, I’d say “Oh, this isn’t *your* house, you just happen to moderate this public accommodation.”


      1. Now there’s a thought – wouldn’t it be nice if it really was just the one strange creep?

        Unfortunately I guess it’s more like a reverse of Tolstoy’s maxim.


  2. I occasionally used to freceive comments that were long rasmbling rants totally unconnected with the post they were ostensibly commenting on. I would suggest that since it was easy to start one’s own blog, the writers should do so. But I suspect that they were too thick even to know what a blog was.


  3. Did no one post a nasty comment in reply to this post? Don’t block them – let the trolls reveal themselves. 🙂


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