Does This Motivate You?

The company owner who hung this poster in his boardroom says that people with no sense of humor will not appreciate it.

I probably have no sense of humor because I find the poster disturbing. I don’t think that fear of being fired is motivating. Are you motivated by fear?

30 thoughts on “Does This Motivate You?

  1. I don’t think it’s supposed to convey a fear of being fired. Rather, it appears to be saying that if an employee doesn’t want to work, then they will probably be fired.

    I don’t think it’s really appropriate for a boardroom, though. In that scenario, it sounds almost like a threat.


  2. I laughed when I read the poster.

    Then again, if it were sitting in a boardroom or hanging over my boss’ desk at work, then I think I might have a different reaction.


  3. If my boss thought that was funny, I’d be looking for another job. Luckily, I’ve had the luxury of working for people who trusted me to get the work done in my own way with little to no supervision.


  4. What, no stories of how this is actually true in the workplace? At my workplace, some of my colleagues always show up early in the morning. Then they proceed to talk on the phone, chat with each other, have protracted conversations about films, actors, and musicians — except when the boss is around.

    My job is about meeting deadlines, not being present so much. I meet all my deadlines well before time, get given the job of fine-tuning the work chatterboxes have turned in because they could not bother to do — or were incapable of doing — a good job of it. Even when I am in the office, I am bent over a computer, working. And then my boss rips into me because I don’t show enough ‘enthusiasm’ for the job while I am at office.

    People, Clarissa, are strange.


    1. “People, Clarissa, are strange.”

      -That’s what I always say. When I revealed to a colleague that I hated departmental meetings, she was very relieved. She also hated them but didn’t think it was possible to share this feeling with another colleague.


  5. It motivates me alright- motivates me to remember no amount of money is worth a job where I’m expected to humiliate myself and make a lot of money for someone else, and also expected to be grateful for the opportunity to do so.


  6. LOL, at first I mistakenly thought “Fired With Enthusiasm” meant “being shot bullets at”, as meaning “being criticized”. It would definitely frighten rather than motivate me, which imo would be detremental rather than helpful to work results. And, more importantly, bad for my health.


      1. I don’t understand why your boss says you lack enthusiasm. When he is present, others start working, but you’re working too. How come *you* are singled out in his mind as “unethusiastic”?


  7. Fear, fear, fear… the most powerful political weapon ever invented can be use for everything nowadays!)


  8. I was vastly more impressed with the visual image than with the silly attempt at verbal humor. I see a starkly negative image of a man, but I am uncertain about the cause of the negative impression. Is he hitting his head on the table in frustration at the stupidity of his colleagues? Is he dead? Is he asleep? Behind him I see 4 Stepford Wives (hopefully Clarissa is familiar with that film) paying rapt attention to a vague fuzzy image of a male. I see no enthusiasm, rather only terrifying conformity.


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