I’m So Sick That. . .

. . . I only wrote 3 blog posts yesterday.

. . . I spent 20 minutes staring at photos of Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

. . . there are several kinds of sausage in the house but I’m equally indifferent to all of them.

. . . it took me three tries to write the word “indifferent” correctly in the previous sentence.

. . . I haven’t been able to unpack the suitcase I came home with on Tuesday night.

. . . I read a colleague’s email twice but still have no idea what he is saying.

. . . I haven’t gone for my daily walk in 3 days.

. . . my husband has to make my tea because I’m too weak to do it.

. . . I didn’t talk to my sister on the phone.

. . . I forgot to eat.

. . . I started to find all the posts in my blogroll to be too complex for my understanding.

. . . all I want is for this stupid virus to leave me alone already!

21 thoughts on “I’m So Sick That. . .

      1. Well, it’s kind of hard to avoid a virus, unless you lock yourself in. Can’t really do that.

        Maybe the alcohol that cute girl gave me will be my downfall, but she looks like an angel and ran away….

        I like the idea of an angel giving me some beer. 🙂


  1. Clarissa, I’m only fractionally as sick as you are, but I am feeling the empathy in my bones! I hope you kick this soon. In the meantime, it’s wonderful that your husband is taking such good care of you.


  2. Oh dear…do feel better soon! I’m glad you have a husband who makes you tea. 🙂 (Will he rub your feet too if you ask, or is this the kind of virus that makes your skin hurt?)

    I find Gaga’s fashion in general to be kind of mesmerizing too, so 20 minutes is not so bad.

    Hang in there!!! (You’re probably just full of toxins; I know a couple of ladies with a business on the South Side of Chicago who sell deodorant and bath salts and such, maybe you should give them a call? They are licensed in naturopathic medicine, so I’m sure they could heal you right up…;-)



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