Blogger Getting Weirder by the Minute

I can’t stop celebrating the brilliant idea to move this blog to WordPress that I got in May of this year. After all the issues it has had and all the multiple ways in which Blogger has let its users down, it has now come out with a policy of deleting the following kinds of blogs altogether:

– Affiliate marketing.
– Content created with scripts and programs, rather than by hand.
– Content or links referencing referral-based activities such as GPT, MMH (“Make Money from Home”), MMF (“Make Money Fast”), MLM (“Multi-Level Marketing”), PTC, or PTS.
– Content scraped from other blogs / websites.
– Copyright Infringement.
– Large blogs with multiple, unfocused / unrelated subjects.
– Links to Illegal Downloads / Streaming / Torrents.

God keep us all from some ignoramus at Blogger deciding what consists copyright infringement. Also, this potentially endangers every single blog that linked to absolutely any website whatsoever. How am I to guarantee that a website I linked to 2 years ago hasn’t had an “illegal torrent” (whatever that even is) placed on it in the meanwhile?

And what about “large blogs with multiple, unfocused / unrelated subjects”? My blog is large because I post like crazy. I also address any topic that catches my fancy at any given moment. Who will decide if the blog is “focused” enough for Blogger’s standards?

9 thoughts on “Blogger Getting Weirder by the Minute”

  1. Large blogs with multiple, unfocused / unrelated subjects.

    SERIOUSLY is feminism, motherhood and history focused and/or related enough to satisfy blogger



  2. Blogger, like yourself, have every right to limit content on the webpages. Whether they should, is a different matter. Like any organization, they are entitled to make as many bad decisions as they see fit. Perhaps they’re in a hurry to retire.


    1. I think they discovered that they don’t have the technical wherewithal to support as many blogs as now exist. Hence the issues they’ve been having. So now they are trying to reduce the number of blogs.


  3. I got a copywrite warning after I wrote a post deconstructing a NYT article. I wonder how to critique an article without quoting it to some extent. It doesn/t flow if I just link and say read the article here and this is my opinion but I guess that I can just paraphrase.


  4. It’s worse if you blog from an US-identified IP. Some things are a problem under US law, like, “content scraped from other websites”, but not yet elsewhere. But give it time.

    Under no possible stretch of imagination, however, can I imagine how anyone can objectively decide what “large blogs with multiple, unfocused / unrelated subjects” entails. I suppose the legal argument is that Blogger owns its space and can do what it likes with it. But competent PR would have disguised that ridiculously authoritarian line into something more PC.


  5. Affiliated marketing? Wouldn’t links to Amazon (where you earn a commission on a sale) constitute something like that? Because you can integrate it with your Adsense account.


    1. I think – although I can’t be sure – that they are referring to sites whose main or only purpose is affiliate marketing. Because otherwise they can just delete anyone and this would be too ridiculous.


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