Intersex People and Trans Women Discriminated Against in Australia

Apparently, the definition of a sex offender in Australia is a person whose existence offends some folks’ bigoted sensibilities. Intersex people and pre-op trans women are now required to place themselves on the sex offender list to get the medication they need:

Cyproterone Acetate, better known as Androcur, is an anti-androgen medication taken by both male and female intersex individuals.  A change in Australian health care policy, though, means that intersex people–those born with both male and female biological traits–can only get Androcur by signing themselves onto a potential sex offenders’ list.  The same is true for female-indentified transsexuals, who take the drug to suppress male hormones.

We are all used to the fact that the definition of a sex offender keeps getting diluted to fit in as many puritanical concerns as possible. This new development in Australia, however, is so offensive to any reasonable person that words fail me to address it.

WTF, Australia? WTF?

3 thoughts on “Intersex People and Trans Women Discriminated Against in Australia”

  1. Between the “no small breasts and erotica because small breasts are a sign of pedophilia” and this, I am beginning to wonder if Australia is seeking to forever brand itself as the weirdest and most backward country in the commonwealth.


  2. This is a scare story from 2009 – not true, as a very quick google would have told you. If you look at the consumer information here:

    You can see that it includes women with androgenisation (Click on the red text ‘Authority Required’ to see this or open the CMI PDF), which would cover intersex people. And this incidentally isn’t just to get the drug it’s also to get the pharmaceutical benefits scheme discount.


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