What’s your favorite month? Why?

WordPress offered me a prompt for this blogging topic. When I started thinking about the answer, I realized that there are reasons to like all the months in the year.

January – is the month when I’m getting used to all my great New Year’s gifts.

February – usually brings snow even in this snow-deprived area. And whenever there is snow, I’m happy by default.

March – with any luck, it’ still pretty cold, which is good. Spring break is in March and I always get to travel. Next March, I will probably even get as far as Europe.

April – the month when I have my birthday.

May – the academic year ends and 4-month-long spring holidays begin.

June – a month of summer freedom from all obligations except those I impose on myself.

July – another month of summer freedom.

August – a new academic year begins, which is always a very happy time.

September – we finally start getting cooler nights and, if we are very lucky, even the first yellow leaves might start appearing.

October – the real Fall comes by and I can wear my favorite clothes ever because all the best clothes are of the autumn kind.

November – there is a lot of rain, and what can be better than rain?

December – snow is even better than rain! Besides, this is the month when I scour the world for the best New Year’s gifts and recipes.

What’s your favorite month?


3 thoughts on “What’s your favorite month? Why?

  1. My favourite month is November. Jaime and I’s anniversary is in November, it’s usually a nice interlude in academics before the gruelling December finals, and if you get lucky, you have those two or so weeks when the leaves change and the sky is clear sapphire blue, and it’s cool enough to go out, but not so cool that you need to bundle.


  2. I guess my favorite month is one invented by people in marketing: Wooltember.

    Among actually existing months, my favorite is the one we just exited, August. In the United States, it is the one month that is utterly devoid of any official holidays.


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