I don’t give a shit what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.

This is a header from the blog of my favorite Russian-speaking blogger. She is a real celebrity in Russia and has crowds of fans whose lives are dedicated to collecting information about her and spouting garbage in hopes their idol would notice them. She never does, of course. On her humongously popular blog, she only allows friends to leave comments because if the access to it became open, thousands of losers would try to dump their emotional dirt on her.

I’m not nearly as famous (and, of course, never will be) as this talented woman but I have a few obsessed fans of my own. One trolled my blog for over a year but seems to have gone away now.

Another wrote a biography of me that was 16,000+ words long on the basis of information gleaned from my blog posts and sent it to me. It is needless to say that I didn’t read it. The same fan then kept sending emails to me telling me to listen to the voice of God and mend my sinful ways. Now this person’s emails – if they do keep coming – go directly to the Spam box.

Then, there was a fan who started a blog of their own dedicated solely to bashing my blog. I don’t think it was successful because I visited it once and saw that the fan in question couldn’t write a simple sentence. The blog consisted of long quotes from my posts accompanied by “Didn’t I tell you she was stupid?”

There was also a pair of cyber-bullies who disappeared after I threatened them with legal action.

Then, a few weeks ago there was a group of MRAs on Reddit who started an anti-Clarissa campaign and kept trying to get me to visit their thread and participate, which I obviously didn’t do.

Now, somebody’s trying to leave links on my blog about some discussion that has been going on about me somewhere. Another – or the same, who knows? – fan has just sent me an email informing me that “we have been discussing you on Twitter for 2 nights in a row” and leaving a link to that discussion.

And I also saw this morning that a blogger I respect a lot posted an article berating somebody of whose existence I’m completely unaware for saying nasty things about me.

So I wanted to make it known to everybody that I’m really uninterested in what anybody is saying about me anywhere. Life is too short to waste it on this kind of fandom. If people have nothing better to do for two nights in a row than discuss me on Twitter, I’m deeply  sorry for how life has treated them. If this 2-night-long discussion is just an invention of somebody who is trying to attract attention to their lonely Twitter account, I also don’t care.

All I can say is that I don’t want any links, tweets and messages trying to involve me in some weird discussions about my general evilness. If anybody tries to leave such links in the comment section of this post (or any post), I will delete them outright. I realize that negative fandom is a price one pays for having a voice and an audience but I’m unprepared to spend any time on people who are so devoid of a life that creating strange intrigues about somebody they don’t even know seems like a normal pursuit to them.

In the two years and five months that I’ve been blogging, I have managed to attract a group of absolutely brilliant, intellectual, amazing readers and fellow bloggers to my blog. I learn something new from them every day. They have helped me in a variety of ways that I will remember and be grateful for forever.

A few trolls here and there are a small price to pay for all these great things.

12 thoughts on “Fans”

  1. Pah, all those unhinged obsessive people… Your real fans are far from that !

    Also, totally unrelated, but I wanted to ask if you received the 1.000 baby-blue roses I send you. Please tell me how they look when they arrive. I told the vendor to put golden bows on each of them and if one of them is missing, I fear I have to have a stiff talk to that guy. Can’t let him insult you, you know ?


    1. You just have to scare the crazies off with super intellectual posts on poetry. Just use the word “prosody”, and all the undesirables will go away in a flash. 🙂

      Maybe I need to write a post on prosody after I figure out what it is. 🙂


  2. This is the 1st time I comment on your blog & I came across you on some science blogs recently. I think it’s a shame the way they ganged up on you & I think it’s great that you don’t care. I need to find some smarter more mature science blogs to read. Rock on!


  3. Wow, the part about the biography gleaned from your blog is just creepy.

    Props for not caring about what people write about you on the internet. Hopefully, if I become more well-known someday, I won’t care either.


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